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We recently advertised for a new sales position in Comaskey, and as you´d expect, a sales job on the sunny Costa Blanca did attract some serious interest. What struck me was the variety of CV ´s we received. I was trying to remember the last time I sent my personal CV to a potential employer, it was almost 20 years ago. Just for fun I wrote the Comaskey Spanish Property CV and cover letter and here it is. I guess we are effectively looking for a job when we ask people who are thinking of buying property on the Costa Blanca to hire us!
If you were trying to find and employ a trusted Real Estate Agent in Spain and this landed on your desk, would you employ us?
Comaskey Properties (Spanish Real Estate)
Flores 1, La Zenia, Orihuela Costa,
Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain
10th July 2017


Dear potential client,

Anyone who has met the average Estate Agent in Spain or tried to buy property in Spain from an agent, who shall we say, less professional or trustworthy knows what I am talking about. If that client is you, you´ll have dealt with your fair share of shifty characters, lame excuses, tall tales and hard sales.
I´m sending you this letter precisely because you don’t have to put up with that …… …while finding your dream Spanish home. We at Comaskey and our legal and Taxation arm at can contribute a strong work ethic and create a trusting bond in your Spanish property search. No doubt you have enough challenges on your hands already without creating more work and stress on your inspection trip to Spain. Here is what you need to know about Comaskey at a glance.
We are a team of professionals, the likes of which does not exist anywhere else in Spain. Our first venture in Spain, Paddy´s Point Irish bar is in La Zenia and literally changed the bar industry in Spain. Comaskey and Spanish Solutions have done the same.
More clients trust us with their Spanish property management than any other agency on the Costa Blanca.

• We have over 3,000 satisfied clients since 2002
• We are the largest Irish Estate Agency in Spain
• There is no Spanish Estate Agency in existence with our range of services
• Other Estate Agents trust us with their clients such is one solid reputation
We are skilled problem solvers and when it´s time to get our hands dirty for our clients, we are prepared to. Our team will not run away from a dispute with a Spanish bank, town hall or builder, if that´s what you, our client needs. With in-house sales people with a lifetime of experience. English speaking accountants and lawyers we have the muscle to protect you. We have always had an intense curiosity and we like to figure out what makes things work. Not just things but Spanish systems, sellers, different cultures and red tape cutting. (If only I could find a way to make my golf game work.)
Would you kindly review our enclosed resume before you choose an Estate Agency in Spain? We are happy to provide testimonials from our clients in Ireland, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, China, Germany, USA, Canada, Belgium, France and even Spain. All references are rock solid, genuine and we hope they will put your mind at ease while putting your trust in Comaskey – Spain´s best Real Estate Agency.
Ian Comaskey

P.S. Maybe you are not hiring a Spanish Estate Agency just now but you know someone who is – they will thank you if you give them this email address.

Curriculum Vitae


(Spanish Real Estate)

Flores 1, La Zenia

Orihuela Costa, Alicante

Costa Blanca, Spain



  • Comaskey have 3,000 satisfied clients.
  • We are a client focused agency – good testimonials and referrals mean more to us than high commissions.
  • We are the only full service Real Estate Agency on the Costa Blanca under one roof. Supervised by a Spanish Barrister we take deals from enquiry stage through sale to Notary and key exchange.
  • Our sister company Spanish Solutions might be our most important collaborator. They ensure our buyers and sellers do not suffer horror stories as experienced by other people like you who were not so fortunate to have found Comaskey.


Brief History of Comaskey Spanish Property Sales


  • 2002 Comaskey Properties was born as a side project to Paddy´s Point bar in La Zenia.
  • 2003 Our first year with more than 100 property sales around La Zenia and Cabo Roig.
  • 2005 Co-established Spanish Solutions with Fidel Ramines.
  • 2008 Selected as a Golden pas…… by the Jack Nicklaus designed Polaris World golf resorts in Murcia for the 2nd straight year.
  • 2009 As the Spanish property bubble burst and world credit crunch hit, we re- structured and retrained staff to establish Comaskey Rentals. This division currently processes 750.000euros annually on behalf of our landlords but now opening a new division was the complete opposite move to the rest of the property sector in Spain.
  • 2010 Became debt free, clearing mortgages on all offices. This significant move meant w never had to rely on sales. This low-pressure sale technique last with us today.
  • 2010 Felis Comaskey retires to Ireland.
  • 2011 Ian Comaskey takes what has turned in to a 6-year sabbatical after the birth of his first son Finn.
  • Comaskey team takes responsibility to use the established systems and drive the business forward achieving considerable growth.
  • 2013 Once again we broke the glass ceiling of 10 million euros in property sales alone.
  • 2016 Began franchising the Comaskey brand across Spain.
  • 2017 Now it´s your turn. Will you allow us to add your name to the list of satisfied property buyers on the Costa Blanca?


If you saw anything here which sets us apart from the typical Spanish property sales team maybe you will hire us to make your Spanish dreams come true.