This is not your average career opportunity. To demonstrate one way we are different, we are blogging about this opportunity, who else does that?

Comaskey is not your normal estate agency, having been the first of the new wave of estate agents to establish themselves in La Zenia back in 2002. We have many staff members who have worked with us for ten years or more and we are not looking for a short term hire now. We treat our team members with fairness and respect and in return we expect them to be more than employees, but team members bringing new ideas, innovation and of course an ability to execute our good ideas.

If you are not familiar with Comaskey, we were established by Fehin and Ian Comaskey from Mullingar in Co,. Westmeath Ireland back in 2002. We are very proud of our Irish roots although clients these days tend to have British as well as Scandinavian accents! We grew from humble beginnings to become the most trusted Property firm on the Costa Blanca. This trust is based on experience, client referrals and to no small part our association with a legal and taxation firm in La Zenia.

Not everyone knows but since 2005 we are the sister company of Spanish Solutions Legal and Taxation firm. Having our own lawyer check all paperwork gives us an advantage over less established agents that our clients take full advantage of. When we established Spanish Solutions, we wanted to provide value and service to all expats, even those who bought through our competitors. They are all treated with the same respect and professionalism. Many estate agents choose to use us to deal with their clients for them- that’s the level of trust people have in us.

This year we started running ¨No Win No Fee¨ legal cases, making us the first company on the Costa to tell our clients we only want to be paid if we demonstrate we are as good as we say we are. We are paying all legal fees for people who have unjustly lost money to banks and unscrupulous builders, agents and lawyers.

We have an inhouse barrister, accountants (British and Spanish) and we offer a range of services to ex pat buyers that we do not believe any other estate agency in Spain can match. I mean that, nobody can match the range of talents our team possesses.

Perhaps now you can understand why we are too busy to set up the New Development division ourselves- this is where we need your help!

Salary for this role will be very competitive for the right candidate, especially one who will work on a salary plus commission and bonus basis. Please tell us what sort of remuneration you expect when you apply.

We have been very successful in Spanish property sales every year since 2002. Like many of our real estate neighbours, 2016 was a record year. However, we notice the trends in real estate are changing and our clients are now more and more looking for new developments up and down the Costa Blanca. We have a lot of knowledge- We sold 450 Polaris World properties for example back in the day. When the crash came we contracted the size of our business and very much concentrated on selling resales locally. Now it´s time to expand our horizons again.

As the Comaskey New Development coordinator your goals will include:

* Effectively taking over our New Build Division, turning it on its head and kick starting our growth into new developments.

* Listing all the legal new developments in the region. Getting listings includes uploading pictures and adding content on our website.

* Signing collaboration contracts or updating existing contracts.

* Creating video and blog updates on various developments to include special offers, availability, price increases etc. We want buyers especially those living abroad to know that we are the centre of accurate, up to date information.

So, we wish our new employee to know and understand not just real estate in Spain but new build property in particular. We need you to work with our existing salespeople to help them to close deals, suggest suitable

property for our clients and help us make new build sales. It’s true that our current property sellers have a great deal of information, experience and knowledge. We want you to work with them to help develop the new development division to its full potential.

Bonus traits you have include:

* Language Skills. Really you are going to have a solid command of Spanish. Many of our clients are non-English speaking these days. It’s true that all Scandinavians and Belgians speak English yet we want to show them enough respect that we can converse in their own language.

* Social media experience- We want to get news of all these new developments and special deals out to the general public. Work with us to create blogs and allow our social media team to put them out in front of the relevant people.

* Can you be flexible and agile? We´ve hired many people in the past who did not work out because they didn’t understand us and could not think on their feet. This is not a stuffy, tie wearing office. We sell property in Spain- a terrific product people want to buy and we keep it simple. We are not hard sellers because we don’t have to be, our product sells itself.

* Can you prepare reports for the senior management team? We want to know where the leads are coming from, what our clients want to buy now and we want you to read the trends as to what clients are going to look for in the future.

This is an exciting time to be associated in Spain with Real Estate and Comaskey are best positioned to take advantage of the new sales cycle we are entering. We worked in sales for long enough to know what this business is like- It can be tough, but rewarding!

Many of our staff have worked in different divisions in the company, some going on to run divisions, offices and even totally unrelated businesses under the protection and care of our corporate umbrella. Who knows where you will end up on this journey?

Maybe you’ve talked to us personally in the past about working in Comaskey and for one reason or another it didn’t work out. The door is not closed and maybe you can rethink joining our team in this brand new, exciting role.

Are you ready to make the move to the company that matches your ambition? Contact us by Email only please on:

Perhaps you are not ready for such a high responsibility role. Why not put your CV in anyway and start with us on a one month trail as a salesperson? We are expanding as far away as Alicante city and Malaga (new franchise office coming soon). Perhaps you have a knack for selling? Get in touch and we´ll see if we have a role that will suit you.