Something different….Land for sale in Ireland

Something different….Land for sale in Ireland.

If you were a crow and flying (as the crow flies!) from Ireland to Spain, you would travel something over nine hundred miles. Our friend, the crow, would touch down in very different worlds at either end of the 900 mile journey.

At one end of the line, the crow will cast his beady eye along miles of sunny beaches, overlooked by hundreds of apartments and houses we have on offer. Mind you, our wayfaring bird may have to circle for a while in his search for the decent branch of a tree to land on!

The other end of the line shows a total contrast and a picture a world apart. Instead of golden beaches the crow will glide in over fields of lush green grass.

This month we are going to surprise you by listing green fields alongside our sunny beaches.

We have on our books a prime non-residential beef farm in County Westmeath. The lands, totalling 72 acres, is all in one block. There are valuable deposits of sand and gravel under the fattening grass. Oh … and our travelling crow will have no bother finding the branch of a tree – in fact he has a choice! Horse-chestnut, ash, sycamore – and beech trees instead of sandy beaches!

Further details can be had from Ian, or from our joint agents; James L Murtagh, (Auctioneers) Mullingar