Three businesses you can open today in La Zenia!

Three businesses you can open today in La Zenia!
By Ian Comaskey


Are you looking for ideas for a business you can open in La Zenia? We have the location – you just need to provide the inspiration (and the elbow grease!)

Firstly, the location, the Centro Commercial Zenia Golf used to be the best centre for commerce on the Costa Blanca, but recent events have made it even better!

My parents Bernie and Pamela Comaskey opened Paddy’s Point back in 1999 – seriously, can that really be 20 years ago? Paddy’s was a phenomenon! We went from zero to the top 10 of Irish bars in Spain within a couple of years.
I opened Comaskey Properties down the Paddy’s Point lane in 2003 and possibly due to the reputation we had already built in the service sector, our business too boomed in Zenia Golf No.17.

Next door to my Real Estate office we moved in a business we had recently purchased – La Zenia Travel Agency. Again, this was such a success there that moving the business as they did in January was a big gamble. Worldwide Horizons Travel Agents as it is known now, continues to expand and grow and has now outgrown its original space. Undoubtedly, within having had four years to develop in La Zenia, the business would have failed but due to the location and walk in trade there.

The third unit of the three is Zenia Golf No.16. It’s been a cafe/bar since 2003 more or less with varying degrees of success. The last tenants were French and the business just wasn’t for them. With some direction and management, it would have worked but that will be up to the new owners to figure out!


So, what would I open there if it was me?

Well, let’s look around. Down the lane we have Paddy’s Point. If it was good when we ran it, well it is really good now! Literally, thousands of clients from all over Europe frequent Paddy’s every day of the week.

The management of Paddy Point need the space so badly that they are now involved with Gogarty’s Bar as well.

Now we have a captive audience either side of our 3 offices – there could not be a better location on the Costa Blanca!

One thing we don’t have is an Irish/British style bookie shop – we have Magani a huge Spanish casino around the front of Zenia Golf, but we need a place where we can bet on the horse racing and more.

Spanish Solutions have been dealing with a major player in this sector and we are close to securing the necessary licence to operate this business there.

We don’t want to do it – but maybe you do?

Again, thinking of the captive audience….. Ice cream! Why not convert the old French café in to an ice cream parlour? I met a guy one time who owns the ice cream shop across from the marina in Torrevieja.

He told me that he works part time – the truth is he works only 6 months of the year! They sell enough Ice cream during the summer months that he takes the 6 months winter break in Thailand! Nice!

What else would I do there if I invested in these units?

My third business choice is to do nothing. Just buy them and rent them out! We can all but guarantee a return of between 8 – 10%.

They are not cheap (4,000€/m2) but due to location, you’d be inundated with enquiries to lease them. The return is excellent and if you use the Comaskey Properties Rental Department, your level of involvement would be as little as you want it to be.

We’ve moved our Real Estate operation exclusively to Calle Flores Office and you are welcome to come and chat to us there, anytime.

Honestly, people are asking me “If they are that good, then why are you selling them?”

Fair point! My days of standing behind a bar counter are over, I’m afraid. I had been doing it since I was 12 years old, now it’s someone else’s turn!

We acquired a lot of commercial property over the years on the Costa Blanca and it’s all been fantastic for us. We own it all, without mortgage.

However, we have recently been investing in larger projects in Dublin and my attention, as well as being on my family, is on these building. This might be a window of opportunity for you?

I can’t imagine that they will be on the market long. These are the best three units, side by side, which will ever be sold on Paddy’s Point lane.